I am a UX/UI & Visual designer with experience leading design and front-end development teams. I have expertise in designing and developing the user experience for web-based applications, complex websites, and mobile web apps. I have led design teams that built high-fidelity HTML-based mockups and developed the visual vocabulary of web applications.

Product design, user experience design, branding, custom icon design, web-based applications, mobile development, responsive web design, HTML5, CSS, Sass+Compass, Javascript, wireframes, information architecture My obsession with graphic design and web design began in 1999, along with photography.

My first major project began in 1999 as founder of the “Hollow Mirror Project”. Since then, I have designed, developed and collaborated with other designers on a myriad of projects, which you may peruse in the portfolio section of this website.

I really like what I do for a living so I’m pretty easy to work with. I advocate working closely with each client to hand-craft a design or development solution to an exact fit. I believe that great design isn’t just what looks cool; it’s a calculated and balanced blend of form and function that serves a specific purpose. (Although, it’s really satisfying when the end result looks cool.)

I am an outfit of one that is located in San Francisco. New Media Design has been my business medium for over 9 years. I operate under the fundamental premise that talent does not live only in a big house. My clients find that by keeping overhead small, I am able to operate efficiently and keep their costs lower at the same time. Some of my best clients today, were some of my first.

Great design isn’t just what looks cool;
it’s a calculated and balanced blend of form and function
that serves a specific purpose.

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